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The next round of totally Top Shelf is nearly upon us. Are you ready? London’s Calling! That’s right, this round they have gone with the theme of London’s Calling. A myriad of designers and such an intriguing theme, we can expect some amazing, imaginative creations. A city with such a long standing history, I know I can’t wait to see everything and will be previewing many of them in later posts. Here is the designer roll and as always changes may take place.

[QE] Designs
{BSD Design studio}}
FDD Store
Cute Poison
Endless Pain Tattoos
Distorted Dreams
A Moment’s Beauty
Sweet Kajira
Bliensen + MaiTai
Chimeric Fashions
The :Madness: Within
Kitty Moon
.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..
~*Souzou Eien*~
Essences Skins

If you want to see more or need further information, check the Totally Top Shelf Facebook or Flickr pages.




This weekend saw the return of the 30L Gacha Fair and their theme was Mystery. Mystery it was as everyday the Ultra Rares change and we don’t know what they will be! I have combined a few of the gacha goodies here.


Also starting up is the Medieval Fantasy Fair IV – Nordic Legends and Myths and <Southpaw> has created this Merry Rose bow. It comes complete with draw and sheath plus numerous gestures and a hud to control it all. Jump over and have a look.


There are so many Gacha finds to be had. I have listed everything shown here down below. Hurry and take the LM before the fair closes!


Here are you links to 30L Mystery GachaMedieval Fantasy Fair IV – Nordic Legends and Myths

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands & Feet – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax, Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Hair – MINA – Jett / Brett – Light blond

The Sandals – [FAIDA] Triarius Sandal

The Outfit – [FAIDA] Triarius

The Helmet – [FAIDA] Triarius helmet Golden

The Belt – Alchemy – Drengr Grimmr – Belt – Gold

The Cart – Fabled – Lazy Harvest Cart

The Planter – Fabled – Planter (dark)

The Spellbook – {Nerdology} Death Spellbook

The Magic Wand – {Nerdology} Astrology Wand

The Fairy – *United InshCon* Leaf Fairy RARE

The Bracers – >glYph< Aldariel Bracer RARE

The  Torq and Headband– [The Forge] Torc Ultra-Rare, [The Forge] Celtic Headband, (Gold), Common

The Shield – :Madness: Grail Quest – Sir Beddies Shield

The Table and Chair – Kei-Spot Rum Raft Available at The Countdown Room

The Tent – *Independent Objects* Fortune Teller Tent -red-

The Bow – <Southpaw> – Merry Rose Bow at Medieval Fantasy Fair IV – Nordic Legends and Myths

mysterygacha 1Gypsy Gacha6 1Grail Quest Sign 1ConuringMagicAD 1_glYph_ Aldariel Gacha Addvertise 1[FAIDA]TriariusSandalsAD 1[FAIDA]TriariusHelmAD

NEVER MORE – Exalted and The Seelie Court


The newest rounds of We ❤ Role Play, The Countdown Room and The Seelie Court are open and in full swing. If you haven’t gotten to them yet, you still have time to grab some great items from dozens of creators. One of which is {Exalted} by Kahli Designs. This month they are featuring this outfit for men, named Emir. For We ❤ Role Play they are offering it in three different colors, Black, Red and of course Blue. After the event the outfit will be available in store with additional color options. It is original rigged mesh and in several sizes. The tunic, boots, pants and sash are all separate pieces with the sash being unrigged to make that perfect fit. It’s 33% off right now, but only at the event.


This month The Countdown Room has more lovely offerings. Here we have from GTS Designs this Vegvisir Shield, in Dark. It is also available in a lighter wood texture and both are GM scripted. Kei-Spot always brings us something fun and here is no exception. This Rum Raft comes with loads of couples animations and even dispenses a tasty bottle of rum.


To complete the look, I have added these Elf Puck Ears from <Southpaw>. They are original mesh and include an alpha layer to hide your avatar ears and a HUD offering gold or silver metal and adjustable skin tones. These are available at The Seelie Court.

Here are you links to We ❤ Role Play!, The Countdown Room & The Seelie Court

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

Hair – *~*Damselfly*~* Legolas Rigged-Mesh Light Blondes Available at We ❤ Role Play!

The Outfit – {Exalted} Emir – Blue Available at We ❤ Role Play!

The Shield – [GTS] Vegvisir Dark Shield Available at The Countdown Room

The Raft – Kei-Spot Rum Raft Available at The Countdown Room

The Archway – Fantasy China Mesh Arch With Leaves Available at The Countdown Room

The Elf Ears – <Southpaw> Puck Ears Available at The Seelie Court Sept 15 th- Oct 6th


the countdown room

Seelie Court  - R2


emir ad Puck Elf Ear Promo PicKei's Rum Raft - BoxedPIC



With summer just about over, so are a few big events. There’s still time to catch them and jump in on a few recently opened events as well. Yasum has fashioned these pants, named Mad Leathers and are available unisex right now at The Fantasy Collective. I always love her creations, they are meticulously textured and always available with numerous HUD controlled options. I paired them with her Pirate Step sandals, beautifully made and available in male and female versions from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The scarf I fetched from my inventory, also a Yasum creation, available from a previous round of the FGC.


!Curvalicious/Damned is taking part in a fun little hunt event, called the Green Mire Hunt and she has created this hat and sci-fi backpack as well as the skin worn by Kaci. Here’s her post for more – SLIDE. Links are provided below for all these events. Your $L balance will never be the same. Hurry, as some events start, others end.


Here are you links to The Fantasy Collective,  Fantasy Gacha Carnival & Green Mire Hunt

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands and Feet – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax, Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Hair – CATWA FLEXI Ben [5] Marketplace

The Pants – Yasum*MESH*Mad Leathers*Mega Hud controled*MALE Available at The Fantasy Collective

The Sandals – Yasum*MESH*Pirate Step*SLINK*EPIC*MALE*Mega Hud Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Scarf – Yasum*MESH*Poet Scarf*rigged*EPIC*MALE

The Cap – !Curvalicious/Damned Green Mire Alien Hunt Cap (Unisex) – Available at the Green Mire Hunt

The Backpack – !Curvalicious/Damned Green Mire Alien Backpack (Unisex) – Available at the Green Mire Hunt

The Shirt – !Lone Wolf!  Black Alien T Shirt Marketplace


HUNGER OF THE PINE – Latest from Exalted, TTS and TCR


With Totally Top Shelf, The Countdown Room and so many other great events going on right now, there are countless opportunities to grab up some amazing items for your fantasy inventory. On top of that, {Exalted} just released their brand new, original mesh outfit called Ranger. This new men’s outfit comes with multiple sizes and several alpha layers, great for mix and match. I have deviated from my usual blue in favor of Kahli’s favorite: Green. Well textured and nicely rigged, the tunic looks great with or without the pauldrons.  I loved this branch from Black Pearls, named Nature’s Call.


I included this cloak from FATEplay, making a very woodland type feel to the ensemble. The Elements Necklace comes from On a Lark, this is Water and it includes a hud to change various textures. Another lovely accessory from Lark. The staff comes from Glyph and includes a glow and no glow version.


With the pauldrons removed from the outfit, I went and added this Chain mail Vest from The Forge.  The scene was set with paper moon’s Thoth Astrological Table, a WindMaster helmet from FAIDA and the voodoo-like dolls, hammer and nails from Fuubutus Dou.

Here are you links to Totally Top ShelfThe Countdown RoomTales of Fantasy & Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Tom –  light blondes Marketplace

The Outfit – {Exalted} by Kahli Designs – {Exalted} Ranger – Green *NEW now on Marketplace*

The Chainmail Vest – [The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Steel Available at Tales of Fantasy

The Cloak – FATEplay – Treffa Cloak

The Necklace – *OAL* Elements Necklace ~ Water Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Winged Helmet – [FAIDA] WindMaster Gold Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Hammer – [Fuubutus Dou] Kanazuchi (Te) -Hammer (no script) Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Nails – [Fuubutus Dou] Gosunkugi (Te) -5Sun Nail- Hand Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Straw Doll on the table – [Fuubutus Dou] WaraNingyou – Straw Doll Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Nailed Straw Doll – [Fuubutus Dou] WaraNingyou (Kugi) – Effigy Straw Doll Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Handheld Candle – [Fuubutus Dou] te-shoku-Candle Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Staff on my back – >glYph< Maleficus Staff  *Yellow* Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Branch Staff – [Black Pearls] Nature’s Call (hand) Available at The Countdown Room

The Table – *paper moon* Thoth Astrological Table Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Leg Pouch – [The Forge] Leg Pouch, Black

The Leg Dagger – [The Forge] Leg Dagger, Black

The Bracers – :Enigma: Chained Bracer Green


{Exalted} Ranger

_OAL_ Elements Jewelry ~ Water _pm_ Thoth Astrologoy advert BP_Natures Call faida-windmaster-gold_ad TopShelf logo the countdown room



Summer is hot and so are all the events currently under way. Totally Top Shelf, The Countdown Room, Fantasy Gacha, We ❤ Role Play and so many more. I’ve pieced together a little something by taking from each of these events and adding Kaci!


These couples poses are from ILAYA, named Earth and Fire. Interested in what Kaci is displaying? Click HERE!


These events bring out some stunning work by these talented designers. It’s exciting to see what will come next and there’s never a shortage of surprises. Black Pearls created several unique teleporters, these wall pictures are just one sampling. This beautiful Nyx necklace from random Matter comes along on our elements theme as well and I am wearing the Water version.  Luas fashioned these Malefica horns and even created my color, blue!


Today we have more poses from Les Encantades. All the single poses come from her Call Me … Elf. This dagger comes as a pair, with texture change hud for five different elements. Teriotrope brings us this hand mirror, with both scripted and unscripted versions and I chose this Peqe Ser’s Coat available at the We ❤ Role Play event to top it off.


This lovely Garden Bowl comes to us from Fantasy China and the whole scene was set within Frogstar’s Hall of Water & Air. Don’t miss out!

Here are you links to Totally Top ShelfThe Countdown RoomWe ❤ Role Play!Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands – Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

Hair – *~*Damselfly*~*Khal Partial-Rigged Mesh Lt Blondes Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Coat – Peqe – Ser’s Coat_Blue Available at We ❤ Role Play!

The Pants and Shoes – {Exalted} by Kahli Designs – Blacksmith -Blue on Marketplace

The Eye Makeup – {Wicked} Peach – Lament – Eye Makeup Available at The Countdown Room

The Necklace – .random.Matter. – Nyx Necklace – Water Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Mirror – [Teri] Mirror, mirror in my hand….Teal Available at The Countdown Room

The Dagger – Munereia – Elementaire Dagger Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Horns – Luas Malefica horns Blue Available at The Countdown Room

The Fur Cloak – Peqe – Viking_Black/Grey from The Fantasy Collective

The Couples Poses – ILAYA Element Earth {1}, ILAYA Element Fire{1} Available at Totally Top Shelf

The Single Poses – *LE Poses* Call Me… Elf Available at The Countdown Room

The Flower Bowl – Fantasy China The Graced Garden Bowl Available at The Countdown Room

The Pictures – [BP] Hidden Escapes Available at The Countdown Room

The Building – Frogstar – Hall of Water & Air Available at Totally Top Shelf

LUAS MALEFICA HORNS VENDOR Fantasy China The Graced Garden Bowl (copy) bp copy [Teri] Mirror, Mirror in my hand....Teal Add _LE Poses_ Call Me... Elf Frogstar - Hall of Water & Air Poster TopShelf logo the countdown room

OUT TO SEA – More from TTS with FGC


With Totally Top Shelf just around the corner now, I have a few more previews and have included a few items from this upcoming round at Fantasy Gacha Carnival as well.


With the theme of Elements for the event, Bite & Claw has released these Elementalist Staffs. Here I chose the Water staff with its vibrant blue. The Wicked Crystal Orbs seen floating about are part of the Witchy set from Nerdology. More of that will come soon. I was able to hop on the early bird to FGC and had a few pulls at the Sax Shepherd machine and got the rares. This necklace is the HeiShi No Fear. The rares come with a full color change hud and of course I chose the blues.


The shirt, pants and sash belt are all from !gO! and are part of the Pirate theme for the FGC. I was fortunate to get the blue in the shirt and pants, as we know that’s my color. The crowns in my hands are a lovely offering from Zyn. The Moonlit Orchid Unicorn Circlet comes in four colors, here I have the Celeste and Coral.

Remember, Totally Top Shelf opens August 1th and Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens August 8th

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes – Cobalt

Hands and Feet– Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax, Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Hair – *~*Damselfly*~*Khal Partial-Rigged Mesh Lt Blondes Available August 8th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Shirt – !gO! Captain shirt 3 Available August 8th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Pants – !gO! Captain pants 3 Available August 8th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Belt – !gO! Captain belt 4 Available August 8th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Necklace – ! !SSD Gatcha ~ HeiShi Necklaces ~ No Fear ~ RARE Available August 8th at Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Staff – ::B&C:: Elementalist Staff – Water Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Orbs – {N} Wicked Crystal Orbs Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Crowns – Zyn ~ Moonlit Orchid Unicorn Circlet – Celeste, Zyn ~ Moonlit Orchid Unicorn Circlet – Coral Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf



TopShelf logo CrystalOrb Ad unicorncircletcelestead

What’s on Tap at Totally Top Shelf

So you’ve already seen a few previews of what’s to come at Totally Top Shelf. You’ve had your interest piqued and now you want more? The theme for this round is Elements. Here is a the current list of all the designers taking part in this event and come August 11th you can get your hands on it all.

Fuubutsu Dou
~Siren’s Call~
FDD Creations
[ Murdock !nc]
skjern design
{lFaB} Les Femmes a Barbe
RACK Poses
Essences Skins
Little Bones.
{X-Animations}/:(Sad Harlequin)
[ free bird ]
On A Lark
*paper moon*
Bliensen + MaiTai
A Moment’s Beauty
Sweet Kajira
Chimeric Fashions
Kitty Moon
Distorted Dreams

The list will be updated, so keep up to date on what is happening at TTS with their website, flickr and facebook.

Here’s your link to the event, remember it opens August 11th! Totally Top Shelf

TopShelf logo


SUN SONG – Totally Top Shelf


Just a week to go now and the second round of Totally Top Shelf begins. August 11th proves to be the start of an even better round than last time. Kaci and I thought we offer you all a little preview of just a few of these talented designers and their creations. Find her post here: Saltwater @ Gor-Geous Nightmare.


The creators of this event come up with the theme of the Elements and here we have a sampling of what a few of the designers created. The Elemental Mirror and Serra Throne from [Fetch] set the scene. The throne has over a dozen animations included. Siren’s Call has crafted the sword you see in the chair. Beautifully made mesh, the Sword of the Elements will be available in different colors to match the elements. Nerdology has gone ahead and made this Druids Wand. I chose the Water element, keeping with my affinity for blue. These wands are also available in the different elements and have a nice little sparkle effect and a typing animation.


{S0NG} has created these eyes, called Bright. Here I am wearing the Blue mesh but there are 16 colors in all, each with the system eyes or the mesh if you prefer. If you love snakes, then SWaGGA has something for you. This Elemental Snake is mesh and wraps around the body. It comes with a hud to allow your choice of 7 different colors. There are more snakes to come.

Remember, Totally Top Shelf opens August 1th!

What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Bright Eyes – Blue Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

Hands and Feet– Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax, Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Hair – *X*plosion Teddy Unisex Hair (Blondes) – Was available at the Hair Fair

Outfit –  Rochambeau – Nabonu Green

Necklace – PFC~ Dragon Slayer – Necklace

Neck Torque – [The Forge] Torc Ultra-Rare

The Bracers – :Enigma: Chained Bracer green  Was available at The Secret Affair

The Wand – {N} Druid Wand – Water Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Snake – [SWaGGa] Elemental Snake Type 4v2 Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Chair – [Fetch] Serra Throne – black/gold Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Mirror – [Fetch] Elemental Mirrors – Earth Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Sword – Siren’s Call – Swords of the elements ~ AIR Available August 11th at Totally Top Shelf

The Sandals – [DDD] Shepherd’s Sandals – Lt. Brown

The Circlet – [SG] Rusted Crown


TopShelf logo Swords of the elements ~ Air DruidWandAD

WAKE UP – Yasum Cyber Dreads


The next round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is nearly upon us and Yasum has created something amazing yet again. Diving into hair, Azlyn has outdone herself. Calling it Cyber Dreads, she has created a unisex hair with a HUD packed with textures and accessory options. The Epic includes this HUD to change color, show or hide the long extensions, which I have hidden, plus the head piece, scarf tie, pendants and pearls. Hair bases are included in 3 styles (Tribal, Chessboard and plain) and in various colors. I added the Blonde Tribal for my look.


The outfit comes from Pucca Firecaster Creations and is available at The Secret Affair. Included with this rigged mesh ensemble is a HUD featuring 12 metal textures and 6 fabric colors. I’ve added these Adair bracers from On A Lark and the necklace from Okami. Links to the events are below, don’t miss them!


What I Am Wearing Above

Skin – Aeros Miles in Toffee

Shape – My Own

Eyes – IKON Eternal Eyes in Cobalt

Hands and Feet– Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax, Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Hair – Yasum*MESH*Cyber Dreads*EPIC*MALE* Available August 8th at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Outfit – PFC~The Guard Available at The Secret Affair

Necklace – <Okami> Kanei Tsuho Necklace (Silver) (from a previous FGC round)

Neck Torque – DLS~Eagle Torc – Oxidized

The Bracers – *OAL* Adair Cuffs ~ Silver

Cyber Dreads Cover

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